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“Alison is an amazing and talented individual whom I have visited in the past for psychic readings which has since led to greater teachings around spirituality including reiki healing, meditation and many other fascinating topics. Alison nurtures the good in people and always makes sure that people are learning how to be the best they can possibly be. Using her wealth of knowledge and amazing array of gifts and natural ability, she seeks change and happiness for all who are drawn to her and teaches people how to get the best out of every situation and make the most of every moment!.”


“Working with Alison has helped me tune in to my psychic abilities and rediscover my powers, spirit guides and ancient connections. Her teaching incorporates both ancient wisdom and practical lessons to make tapping into Source from a modern lifestyle relatable and accessible. Alison’s support has opened me up to new self growth which has completely changed my life direction; most importantly leading me away from depleting habits and negative attitudes and towards self-love and entering a space where I can fully share my loving powers with the world. The gift of these discoveries is beyond words and I am immensely thankful for Alison’s positive imprint on my life and all our joyous time together. Alison has a beautiful healing energy that is full of gentle wisdom that I have loved connecting with and recommend to all.” 


“The Reiki Grand Masters workshop was extraordinary! A big step from Reiki Masters in the meditations and gave me a much deeper understanding about what I was doing. It gave me a significant increase in confidence and comprehension, and although may seem to have a short duration, it feels much longer and took some time to sink in for me personally. I had some big breakthroughs and noticed a definite shift after completing the workshop. We had a really lovely small group with a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. Alison is a wonderful teacher whom I have the greatest confidence in and gratitude for knowing.”


“Alison Burman has literally blown me away with her accuracy. I have to admit I am sometimes a bit of a skeptic and try to find the connections when the questions are leading, but NONE of her questions were leading. She came right out and described the people in my life, my past and my future. She described their characteristics, mannerisms, quirks and some of their fantasies down to the letter. She named the man in my life by name and described him, his family and his emotions and our relationship 100% accurately. The things she said made sense and many of them touched me to the core, especially feelings that I had, which I wasn’t sure were being acknowledged. It felt as if she had jumped into my head and stirred up every experience, emotion, hope and desire and then spooned them out one by one. Her energy is so positive and it feels like you have this burden lifted because she guides you towards ways that you can change your life. She gave me a cd of my reading and I listened to it again on the way home in the car. This gave me a chance to reflect and check yet again whether I had given her any clues to the things she had revealed and I can honestly say, neither words nor body language could have led to the results I got. It’s scary and sometimes confronting to hear things that you thought were private thoughts and feelings, but the one on one session was in a very private setting and her calm voice and reassuring words made me want to hear more and more. It feels a little like reading the end of the book before you get the whole story, but it is also good in a way to hear that things will work out, but that you still have control of your destiny and choices to make. It was a truly moving experience and one that I would thoroughly recommend to anyone who has questions about where and why. Alison certainly has the answers. Thank you again for your time, your energy, your compassion and kindness and most of all for sharing your gift.”


“I saw Alison with no specific questions, I was just feeling out of place in my life and curious to see what she could tell me. Alison described important people to me in the present and past (and future!) with absolute accuracy. There was no explanation for how she could know details of physical appearance, characteristics, incidences and relationship dynamics with my family, friends and lovers. I was blown away! She saw though all the confusion I felt and pinpointed feelings. She was also able to tell me the origins of feelings and how I could change them to become a happier person. Alison confirmed wishes I hadn’t had the courage to admit to, and gave me the confidence to fulfill them.
I came out feeling the most immense relief. I had the confidence to do what I had felt to be right but had reasoned out as wrong. After a time though I began to think my memory had exaggerated the brilliance of what Alison told me, that had seemed so bizarre. To confirm this I played the CD recording she gave me of our session and was proven wrong – she was just as incredibly right as the first time! There were too many things to brush off. Since meeting Alison I haven’t become a new person but a much much much happier and truer version of myself. I could honestly never have imagined feeling this happy and in such a short time. I can’t thank Alison enough for the positive effect she has made in my life and of my loved ones in turn. I would highly recommend seeing her for a reading and hope many more people can experience the positivity she brought to my life”.


“Thank you SO much for my beautiful reading last night with my husband!! I had fallen into a depression…… but you have renewed my hope! with what you said last night, and the ‘messages’ you brought through from Brett….. I honestly and sincerely believe that YES…. he IS with me…. and their is an afterlife……
One little act of kindness from you….. has changed my life”. Thank you from the bottom of my heart again!


Hi Alison, I felt like I really needed to fill you in on a few details that have come to light for me lately. I’ve seen you twice (once at your place, and the second time was at one of your group readings at Fullarton). Both times you picked up on the fact I was pregnant and said that you felt very strongly that I was having a little boy.  In between seeing you I found out I was having a girl and when you saw me at your group session you were adamant that I was having a boy despite me saying that I was having a girl. You didn’t argue with me, but maybe suggested that I was having a boy shortly after my girl but you were definitely picking up on a boy with me. Its funny because my husband and I both felt like we were having a boy and I’ve even been having reoccurring dreams that I was infact having a boy.  It’s been hard fighting my intuition, but I’ve only just started buying pink stuff. Well by chance I had another scan through the week with only 3 weeks until my due date and found out that I am infact having a boy! I felt it was important to let you know. You’re definitely channeling in on the right vibes and picking up the right information…thanks for everything Alison. Hopefully will see you soon x

Emma Kate

Thank you for a wonderful reading. Made me feel so comfortable and welcomed. It was so wonderful and comforting to get the messages from my love ones. So many of the messages have already come true. I would recommend Alison to any one wanting to make contact with passed loved ones.

Marcia, Adelaide

After reflecting on the weekend where I completed my Masters in Seichim healing with Alison, I almost feel as if I am literally seeing the world differently, from the people around me to even the colours of the sky, the trees, the ocean, it’s all so much clearer. Alison has such a natural ability as a teacher and a guide and her altruistic manner of teaching makes you feel comfortable at all times.
I completed my Reiki Masters with Alison 12 months ago and feel now that I was truly ready for the next step and it could not have come at a better time in my life.
Going into these types of courses I am often full of an anxious feelings, as with any type of healing or personal development, it can be quite confronting facing your own issues of the past and also listening to the experiences of others. Almost immediately after walking into the room, I knew that I was in a safe environment surrounded by other supportive people as these courses only tend to attract the healers of the world which is such a nice feeling knowing I am able to be a part of it.
I would thoroughly recommend participating in any of Alison’s healing, meditations & various workshops that she is now running and can assure you it will be a pleasant experience which you will remember for years to come, and more often than not, will remember from lifetimes past.
Thanks so much once again 🙂

Jamie, Adelaide

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