Alison is both a psychic and a medium. This means she can give you future guidance and well as contact those who have passed over. She uses all of the 7 psychic senses when doing a reading and so gets information through a channel so does not require any “tools” to read. She can and does occasionally use Tarot cards if she is drawn to.

Alison conducts 30 min guidance/reading sessions via zoom, these can be recorded and emailed to you after the session. Alison’s delivery is fast and she has a “no fluff” attitude and so warns clients that she can be blunt at times.

All bookings are made via this website booking page.

A 50 % deposit is taken at the time of booking and the balance paid around the time of the reading.

We realise that everyone would like to be seen as soon as possible after they decide to book, however Alison is usually booked out well in advance and so please don’t be disappointed if you cannot see her straight away. You can find available times on the booking calendar by choosing the location and moving forward till you see appointment times highlighted in blue.

Because of the highly sensitive nature of the personal information that can come through in a reading, Alison will only read for one person at a time, and strictly no children in the room.


A demonstration of direct spirit contact, the live shows are amazing, amusing and always insightful. Alison reads audience members at random as their loved ones make contact through her. Although receiving a reading is not guaranteed at these events, the stories and experiences of those being read are very entertaining and it’s a great night out.

Group bookings are welcome.

Live Shows are held regularly in Adelaide, Sydney and Cairns and by arrangement in other areas.