Whilst working as a professional psychic medium for over 30 years Alison Maiden has had a lot of experience in helping those seeking a true match and to find love. She wanted to offer this method to everyone who is truly searching for a soul connection and real and lasting commitment and so Find my Soulmate was born!

As we know sometimes it can be difficult to find the one who not only makes your heart race but also the deeper soul connection that could lead to a lasting and happy relationship.

Our Find my Soulmate website offers a chance to be matched not only through your personality profile but also though tools of the psychic world Astrology and Numerology by recognising both strengths and weaknesses in both parties and matching them together for mutual benefit. Alison’s unique understanding of these modalities have been written into the programming of this site giving you 3 top matches to choose from each month.

We learn through our relationships to love one another and most importantly to love ourselves!

Wishing you all love and happiness!

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