A full 8 hour day which covers four different areas of divining the future.

Tarot Beginners
Learn about the Tarot and how to read basic tarot spreads by using my easy guide. This workshop is designed for beginner level through to intermediate.

A basic guide to how your birth numbers and name can highly influence the energy in your life.
Learn how knowing the meanings the numbers can give you a better insight to your everyday living.

Tea Leaf Reading (Taseomancy)
Divining the future through symbology is what Taseomancy is all about. Understanding how to read the leaves and the meanings of the symbols they form can provide an accurate reading of future events.

The lines on your palm are more than your think. What is your blueprint? Learn how the shape, lines and even the fingers on a hand can show a person’s personality traits, strengths and weaknesses. Lines can change along with decisions made and warn of events yet to come.

This course is great fun and is usually conducted in a 1 day format or over 4 weeks at 2 hours per week.


Start your journey with a 1 day Intensive Workshop and learn how to communicate with your Angels and Guides as well as passed loved ones and learn how to interpret the messages received from them
– Your Gift – recognise your psychic abilities and learn how to use them!
– Seeing auras and reading from them.
– Past lives and how they affect you now.
– I’ll teach you techniques for cleansing and protecting yourself and your home from negativity.

Awakening 2 The Next Level

The sequel to Awakening your psychic potential this workshop takes you further into your spiritual journey.
Join me for the next level of Awakening your psychic potential! This powerful workshop is the next level step in learning to awaken your soul. We cover topics such as:
Channeling and Mediumship
Symbols and dreams-what do they mean?
Protection from psychic attack and the negative form
Clearing energy blocks in your self and others.

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